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Zombie Battleground

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Zombie Battleground is a video game created by Loom Network.


April 24th 2018, Loom Network announced the game in a medium post. [1]

June 14th 2018, Loom Network announced the kickstarter for the game with the objective of raising 250,000 USD. [2]

July 31th 2018, Loom Network release the kickstarter marketplace(Alpha) [3]


Zombie Battleground is a CCG. Players collect cards and can battle each other.

For more information about the rules of the game, see Gameplay.

Blockchain IntegrationEdit

The game is based on the blockchain technology created by Loom Network and their eponymous network. Loom Network is based on on the Ethereum blockchain and allows players to trade, sell or buy cards freely. Thanks to the blockchain technology behind the game, players can have full ownership of their cards.