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Types in Zombie Battleground have major impacts on how zombies interact with each other on the battleground. A zombie's type is represented by a symbol in a box at the bottom of the card, each of which is pictured below. Zombie types are mutually exclusive (i.e. a zombie can only have one type at any given time), and if a zombie is somehow granted a different type (e.g. Walley), it will lose the benefits of the previous type. There are three types: Walker, Feral, and Heavy.


Main article: Walker

Walker 2.png

These zombies are slow, like the ones in The Walking Dead. They are the normal zombies in the game (if we can even call zombies “normal”).


Main article: Feral

Feral 2.png

These bad boys are very aggressive, kind of like the zombies in World War Z: fast and fierce. They can attack your opponent as soon as they are placed on the battleground, without needing to rest for a turn like other zombies.


Main article: Heavy

Heavy 2.png

These guys are big and strong for a good reason; they can block your opponent from attacking any of your zombies until they’re killed. They’re like your other zombies’ personal bodyguards.