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There are two types of card in Zombie Battleground: Zombies and Items.

The one feature that they share in common is their cost in goo, listed in the top right corner.


The various traits that are found on zombie cards. Note that the "rarity gem" is outdated and has been replaced by Rank skulls.

Zombies are the most numerous type of card, and act as the basic units of combat on the battleground. Zombies will fight for their overlord as directed by the player, and can attack enemy zombies or the opposing overlord. Zombies have 5 important traits in addition to their goo cost: faction, rank, type, attack, and defense, all of which can impact how they interact with other zombies. Additionally, many zombies have extra effects that are described by text on the card, which may include keywords as shorthand for abilities and trigger conditions.

When building a deck, zombie cards can be included from any faction except for the one that the deck's overlord is weak to.


Items are single-use cards that can be played to activate some sort of effect, as described in the card's text.

When building a deck, item cards can be always included regardless of the deck's faction or overlord.

List of all Cards[edit]

List of all cards in the game