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A card for the game Zombie Battleground.

Werezomb, a werewolf that met a fiery end, and is back from the dead with the ability to make other zombies Feral!

Werezomb is/was a Kickstarter-exclusive card from the Ghoul 50$ pledge.

Element Fire.png Fire
Rarity Officer.png Officer
Type Walker 2.png Walker
Cost 3 Goo small empty.png
Attack 1 Attack small empty.png
Defense 1 Defense small empty.png
Card Text Entry: Ally zombie gets Feral


On entry: A random non-Feral ally zombie that was summoned this turn gains Feral.

Patch history[edit]

Alpha - 3-goo 1/1, "Entry: Ally zombie gets Feral"

Alpha - 4-goo 3/2, "Feral, Entry: Give a Random ally Fire zombie Blitz"