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The chances of any individual card being of a given rarity when opening packs. These numbers extend to item sizes in addition to zombie ranks.

There are four levels of rarity for cards in the game. The higher the rarity of a card the harder it is to find and the luckier you are to have it!

The the terms used to refer to rarity are different between zombie cards and item cards, but their relative scarcity is the same.

Zombie Rank[edit]

A zombie card's rarity is directly tied to its rank.

Least rare Most rare
Minion Officer Commander General

A zombie's rank has significant gameplay implications. See the page on Rank for details.

Item Size[edit]

For items, each rarity corresponds to a size.

Least rare Most rare
Small Medium Large X-Large

Unlike a zombie's rank, an item's size is only used to refer to its rarity and has no impact on gameplay.

Special Editions[edit]

Backer Edition[edit]

While the game is in alpha, every card opened in packs has a 15% chance of being a "Backer Edition" card. Backer Edition cards are not limited in how many could potentially be created, but once the game fully launches, no more will ever be made.

Limited Edition[edit]

One way that Zombie Battleground makes use of its blockchain architecture is through Limited Edition cards. Every card in the game will ultimately have exactly 200 copies created with special animated artwork and non-gameplay bonus effects. Before all 200 Limited Edition copies of a card have been distributed, the chances of opening one in a pack are 0.2%.